10am ~ 2:30pm

How to divest from the fossil fuel industry while you sleep

– make a buckwheat husk pillow –

by Baskets n Buckwheat

Most of us sleep on a polyester filled pillow, which will be made from a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum, air and water.

Why buckwheat!

  • organic – so no pesticides and herbicides
  • much kinder to neck, shoulders, upper and lower back
  • hypoallergenic  –  very few people are allergic to the husks
  • do not harbour mites, bugs or fungus
  • no chemicals added  eg formaldehyde  –  unlike polyester, foam and some feather fillings
  • completely biodegradable at the end of it’s life
At Baskets n Buckwheat we will have a hand sewing machine, part made organic cotton pillow cases, plenty of buckwheat husks.
Cost of making a pillow is £25.
This activity will run through out the day.

Make a willow bird feeder

by Baskets n Buckwheat

Come along and weave a funky looking bird feeder from willow! You’ll be happy, the birds will be happy, our planet will be happy.This activity will run all day – until we run out of willow.

It’s a drop in event.

Small donations to cover the cost of materials welcome, but not at all expected.

10am ~ 4pm

Bike Curious session

by CyclingUK

Want to find out more about all the different ways you can take kids by bike?  Would you like to try front seats, back seats, bike trailer and other solutions?  Come along to Dalmeny Street Park to try out some options. We can also advise you about the different options available for the family who wants to get more bang for their bike.

At Dalmeny St Park.

1pm ~ 3pm

Consultation event for Leith

by Democracy Matters

People across Scotland are being invited to join in a conversation about how communities want to be involved in taking decisions about a wide range of Scotland’s public services. This event invites citizens to get involved.
A tremendous opportunity for people in Leith to share their ideas on the Scottish Government’s “Local Governance Review”. Details of online consultation at

2pm ~ 4pm

Play Together on Pedals

by CyclingUK

Play Together on Pedals is a programme for children as young as 3 to start cycling. Our trainers help them get started with games and activities on balance bikes, supporting them to progress on to pedalling.

We provide all bikes and helmets, and our aim is also to help parents to support their own children themselves with assistance and advice on best practice.

At Dalmeny St Park.